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USA Today Bestselling Author, Dee Garcia

Self-publishing a book can put a dent in your wallet rather quickly, a fact I found suffocating and limiting being a SAHM with no income when I was starting my publishing journey back in 2016. Wanting to have quality work done for both the exteriors and interiors of my books, I took advantage of my creative abilities and taught myself to use Photoshop. Not long after that in late 2017, I started what is known today as Black Widow Designs. Being a romance author myself, I specialize in designs geared toward the romance community, offering both custom and pre-made covers, premium interior formatting, teasers/miscellaneous promotional graphics, author branding, and author swag. My style tends to lean more on the dark romance side of the spectrum, however, I can whip up something lighter and colorful as well. I pride myself on creating beautiful, eye-catching, and genre appropriate designs along with delivering the kind of customer service that makes each client feel valued and important—because they are. Every author deserves for their book baby to shine, whether they're a NYT Bestseller or a debut baby just getting started.

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